Let me just take a moment

Let me just take a moment to shout from the roof. To dance in the street. To scream excitement from the top of my lungs.


In 2015/2016 I decided to put me first….not in a vain way but to make sure I loved self, I made me happy and believed that I alone would know what would bring life’s happiness. This somehow got lost in the beginning of this journey but so glad it is back. I was born a…

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! This year we decided not to do presents to each other but a donation to a charity we believe do a great deal of good. This year i have everything i wanted and more! My family is well and finding their way, i have completed what has been a tremendous challenge and…

Nathan Goes to Barbados

It is hard to imagine i would have been in this position a year or two ago. But here we are. Time for Nathan to meet my crazy bunch of love ones. We started with a fun day of driving through the Blue Mountains stopping at a beautiful little wine restaurant Leura Garage. Then dinner…

Happy 5oth Independence Barbados

Happy Independence Barbados! This visit has reinvigorated my soul! Love we music and culture bad so why would i vacation anywhere else #mystartingground #proudbajan

Christmas Day Give Back

Merry Christmas everyone! No sweetbread, family or honey glazed ham but a cheerful one still. Instead of spending the time thinking of being here by myself or being sad i cant be with my family i chose to volunteer again. Thank you to the nuns at Home in Queanbeyan for making me feel welcome.

Batemans Bay Getaway

Australia what a time we have! You just always seem to be filled with landscape and attractions that appear virtually untouched. Batemans Bay i will be back!😆