Melbourne Getaway

Recently went to Melbourne Victoria for a getaway. And these are some of the stand outs. Love how easy it is to get around. #teamtram The diversity of food in Australia in general is amazing but the lane ways such as Hardware lane stole the show.

No babies yet?

I write my blog because reading someone’s words really got me through great and not so great patches. It gave me the extra courage and just the words needed to persevere. I would like to think my blog will do the same someday. So I try to keep it real.

Best time to go to Barbados?

Well that is a trick question. Any time is the best time to visit Barbados! Nathan and I recently went back for the Crop Over celebration, and also our honeymoon, and let’s just say you should add it to your bucket list. To experience the culture, craft and heritage that makes Barbados so special you…

Peace of Mind

Happy February yall! Been so busy with the next phase of my development I haven’t had a chance to get my blogging on. We are always evolving. A few years back I started to analysis it a bit more. What is worth my energy and what is not?


After the wedding mom stayed for bit. It has been a while since we have spent anytime together. It was good to see her relax. Outside of a few clashes in personalities we made it. 😉 But what is a good family vacation without them. I enjoyed showing her why I fell in love with…

Our Wedding

You being you should be enough I have learnt. If you have to be someone else to be with him then run before you loose yourself. Lol.

Why Did You Stop Singing?😯

I never stopped singing. I just stopped doing it publicly. Lol. But seriously, I have been asked this question in personal messages every year since I moved to Australia. My usual answer and part truth is


Have you ever woken up a bit moody? Well I did this morning. I was feeling very weird and could feel a bad wave of something coming so I decided to have a date by myself. Self time is always a good idea if you can get it.