No babies yet?

I write my blog because reading someone’s words really got me through great and not so great patches.

It gave me the extra courage and just the words needed to persevere. I would like to think my blog will do the same someday. So I try to keep it real.

This has been a year of celebration and difficulty. As life goes. It made me appreciate my time with my husband more, not to compromise on our happiness and to keep making memories.

People love to ask a married woman daily, “No kids yet?” , well I saw nothing wrong with that 11 months ago. Hey, I still don’t, I am just more mindful that the response may be deeper than a no.

Would you still ask me that if I responded…… in January this year we found out we won’t successfully reproduce.

Well…. so much for the first year of marriage being a piece of cake. Being in the hospital having a surgery less than 6 months after marriage was definitely a test.

Nothing is more terrifying than saying bye at the waiting room and trying to keep your mind off your love in the hands of others, or watching the horror in his face as you are about to go under, unable to do anything to make the other feel better.

It was a weird feeling because although we did not have kids very high on our list, if ever, it felt like a choice was taken from us. And yes we know we can adopt if we change our minds but it is not the point of this blog.

I have two points to make. One, ladies if something feels wrong then it probably is. Please insist on receiving more thorough tests from your doctor. Only you know how you feel.

And two, for those people who like to make women feel inadequate for not reproducing know there are many ways to be a mother 😏. Aiming to be a better person everyday counts. It adds to a better future for everyone.

Just a little share. As you were🤗

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