Peace of Mind

Happy February yall! Been so busy with the next phase of my development I haven’t had a chance to get my blogging on.

We are always evolving. A few years back I started to analysis it a bit more. What is worth my energy and what is not?

For me it was learning to let go. When you hold on to negativity you give people power over you and this can limit your possibilities to exemplify your abilities. This was evident in the stories of Oprah and my recent read of Tiffany Haddish and Jennifer Lewis.

I have held on to lots of negatives done to me  where I felt better treatment was warrant. Even punishing myself  for things that no longer matter. Well the last few years  I decided no more! Days are never enough to give energy to negativity thoughts.

You are meant to learn from the past and move on. When getting physically healthy we always forget the thinkers on top.

Unfortunately the brain does not heal or get in shape as fast as the body. But I will be patient because I believe it is worth it.

In counseling I was ask,  “what would make you most happy?” Mine is peace of mind and to find where I belong. I have found one of those and on track with the other.

So…what will truly make you happy?

Now I have walked too far on my morning exercise and have to walk back 😂#metime #reflection

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