After the wedding mom stayed for bit. It has been a while since we have spent anytime together. It was good to see her relax.

Outside of a few clashes in personalities we made it. 😉 But what is a good family vacation without them. I enjoyed showing her why I fell in love with this beautiful country. 

She enjoyed meeting all the people who have become family and great friends here, including Louise, Paula and Michael, Holly and Kathryn.

The food variety here was a hit. She also enjoyed all the diversity in cakes and pastries due to the multiculturalism of Australia.

We manage to get a bit in for this short trip. Our journey started at Caphs in Manuka of course.

Sydney did not  disappoint with great shops, the famous Habour Bridge , Opera House and Rocks Markets. We took her to Leura in the Blue Mountains and showed her where Nathan proposed. She had a fabulous time in Orange with Nathan’s parents. And our beloved Canberra had Floriade, outstanding resturants, sensational markets and easy city trips to add to the fun.

Now make us flourless orange and poppyseed cake before you leave nah 😋😀


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