Our Wedding

IMG_8109You being you should be enough I have learnt. If you have to be someone else to be with him then run before you loose yourself. Lol.

This weekend I married the man that makes me being myself feel like a superstar everyday. I look forward to growing together. #bettertogether

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We really liked the rustic and country wedding themes but we had a really small budget so I used Pinterest for inspiration.

Alot of our stuff came from discount stores and markets. We also used vista print for signs and cards. But none of our guests could believe it. It was so intimate and romantic. Just a wonderful party with our closet and dearest.

It took about 14 hrs to decorate. I found it very relaxing to decorate our wedding. It was such an overwhelming feeling to see the design in my head come to life. That was one of the amazing parts of the whole weekend. Having the whole family do their part to make it just what we wanted. Doing it as a family.

I did miss having some of my friends and family from the Caribbean there. But thanks to technology we were able to skype group live broadcast with those who could stay up to watch.

It won’t always be easy but I am happy the journey will be with this guy😊

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Abbey says:

    Congrats Janell! Wishing you and Nathan all the best and every blessing life can bring!


    1. janellwaithe says:

      Thank you Abbey and all the best to you too😊


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