Why Did You Stop Singing?😯

I never stopped singing. I just stopped doing it publicly. Lol.

But seriously, I have been asked this question in personal messages every year since I moved to Australia.

My usual answer and part truth isthat an opportunity presented itself to pursue a subject of study I was interested in. It was a challenge and chance to start fresh. I felt like I was being offered a second chance.

The rest of that truth is I did not love it anymore and saw no long term success in it so I needed to step back. I remember singing ‘Choir’ on foreday morning and thinking I should want this more.

My mistakes in youth and lack of really taking stock of opportunities had me lost and frustrated. I never wanted to be bitter about my music so I had to stop.

I came in way too hot too quickly and this went to my head. When I got into Square One, I was too young to understand it. Nothing is given that is not worked for. I did not push hard enough to be better. I should have soaked up every bit of knowledge from Alison and the gang (despite their drama) but I came with a “big head” and a Taurus stubbornness. Blood tried but I really for lack of better words, was not preparing myself well enough to make any real impact. I stop vocal training, and focused on being a star lol. Guess what stars have vocal trainers. Many opportunities followed with the same half-filled results in Soca Dans St Vincent, South Central and etc.

I know it was partly my ignorance of youth and majority was the fact that I did not have a plan. I did not know what I wanted for the future. I just wanted people to like my music. Short term thinking will get you just that short term results. 

As an artiste you are a brand. A brand needs strategic planning to grow and impact. Doing things and seeing how it goes is not a plan.

I love our music and frequent Barbados media to stay up to date. Seeing people I know or new people with so much talent and so passionate about our music culture warms my heart.

I write this because I believe young people entering the industry need to be aware. They need to understand that it is more than a hit song. Sometimes growth and success comes gradually, look at Marvay.

RPB, Edwin, Blood, TC and etc, have lasted the test of time because of planning and creating a brand.

I know what you are about to say, they have connections. Well they didnt start with any if they have now. They produced their contribution every year and networked the heck out of opportunities. I realise that now.

Not saying it will work for everyone but wouldn’t  you like to know you gave it your best shot.

Young artiste I know it may be hard to get rotation and you get frustrated. But you need to understand your brand. Create, plan and execute. Then revisit that plan at the end of season to see how you can improve for next year. Create benchmarks as these will help you stay focus. A great example of this year was Nikita. She set her goal and through out the season it was clear she had plans on how to get there. She was not the most talked about but she was the most consistent.

You don’t have to have a manager to do this. You need to watch, learn and take notes.

How are you dressing and presenting yourself?

What is your unique selling point?


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