How to do birthday right

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself and what is more me than a week of birthday celebration.🎂🍹🍾🇧🇧

Day one was a crazy adventure. Started  with a small sleep-in lol and then got dolled up  for our road trip to Sydney.  We stayed at the Marriott 🏨which was a fabulous choice; close to the Rocks and the main shoping precincts. The Rocks markets offered some wonderful discoveries for skin care and new variety of natural soaps I had to try. Day two found me having am amazing massage at Foot and Thai and dropping off wedding invites.💌👰🤵On day 3 which was the official bday👑👑👢Started with a wonderful #selfiedate then an evening with a gentleman with holland orchids and full queen service. He took me to Elk and Pea a great intimate restaurant with Cuban and Mexican flare. We had the lamb shoulder…delicious🤗.

Day 4 was an adventure. I made no plans just went where the wind took me as they say.  Don’t we spend way too much time with plans sometimes. So i went to the city bought new makeup.  Had a great lunch and got my nails done. Also watched a nice movie and indulged in a dessert 🙃.

Day 5 saw me having a late selfie breakfast date and reading and relaxing whilst having our floor redone. On day 6 I will be hitting up the markets…know how much I love them. #birthdayqueen #justdoyou