In 2015/2016 I decided to put me first….not in a vain way but to make sure I loved self, I made me happy and believed that I alone would know what would bring life’s happiness.

This somehow got lost in the beginning of this journey but so glad it is back. I was born a leader and a strong woman I just needed the belief in self, through time, space and meditation.

I am not a parent but I hope for them especially moms out there you tell your kids expecially daughters they can. Never make them feel insecure about weight or looks. Tell them something everyday that is not of outward beauty related. Grow their souls and minds as much as their bodies.

I spent time reading reflective, inspirational works and spent less time seeking the approval of others. My friend Kalisha spoke of this and I was too lost at time to understand. I learnt to be my own support system to make small changes that became big ones. This is but the beginning.

2017 with a joyful heart, eager knowledge and personal education achievement I am ready.

What is life if not to be lived, to take risks, to love and to make mistakes. I am ready to make mistakes. Mistake a word I felt belittled by. Now it empowers. Empowers because it means I know I tried. I did not give up or settle. I may have come close several times out of fear but the word mistake means I grew a little bit more that month; that year. #idontgiveupigetbetter

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