Nathan Goes to Barbados

It is hard to imagine i would have been in this position a year or two ago.
But here we are. Time for Nathan to meet my crazy bunch of love ones.

We started with a fun day of driving through the Blue Mountains stopping at a beautiful little wine restaurant Leura Garage. Then dinner with his sister Jess, brother Conor and his beautiful girlfriend Carolina.



After roughly 27 hours travelling time we arrived to beautiful Barbados and the hugs and warm welcomes of my parents and as you can imagine being away so long the first couple of days were food filled.

Bajan bakes



On day 5 we checked in for a 6 day stay at the Hilton Barbados. Thanks to Katen and Leroy we had a fantastic package and a ridiculously good time.


Spent a day teaching Nathan about my Amerindian, Africa and European roots. Pity no pics of artifacts allowed at the Barbados Museum but such a wonderful display and story of our journey. img_20161122_163317

Here are some of the wonderful shots from Nathan’s view.



It was a packed vacay and we had so much fun. Cant wait for the festivities of the next trip. We finished in New York to begin Christmas celebration. This slideshow is filled with the fun, the joy, the family, a few selfies, friend times (those we managed to see) and maybe just a bit of Barbados that will make it your next vacation choice  😉🤗.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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