Fun On A Budget…heh!

What have i been up to?

Well i am in the mist of assignments and exams now but i am trying to maintain the balance. Date nights and market Sundays, i am definitely feeling the joys of summer.

Went to Abell’s Kopi Tiam in Manuka.  We had the 20 spices chilli and the special pork curry which Abell himself recommended. He came out the kitchen in his intimate restaurant and helped my date and I select.  It is one of the famous spots here in Canberra you must try. Abell has become a friendly face and trust me you will keep going back for more.20151028_190244

Here is a look at one of the Sunday markets nearby, The Old Bus Depot. Was a wonderful midmorning treat. It has a wide variety and lots of interesting, weirdly awesome and culturally rich options.20151025_11313720151025_12023220151025_11414720151025_11363020151025_11333520151025_113919

Glassworks here in the ACT……fascinating


Not bad for fun on a budget heh!

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