Colours of Canberra

Canberra is filled with wonderful events each weekend. It provides so many opportunities to learn about different cultures.

Today i had a great time at one of world’s largest flower festivals, Floriade.  The colours of spring and the serenity of the lake were perfect for a stroll alone or with a date.  I was a bit disappointed with the food options available but it is about the flowers and the selfies. 😉

2015-10-10 15.57.1020151010_1218272015-10-10 15.54.4620151010_12364820151010_12422020151010_12193420151010_12344920151010_123535


Then on to the Indonesian Festival and it left me hoping to attend next year. The food, oh yum! The music infectious and the colours reminded me of Kadooment Day in my beloved Barbados.

20151010_13501720151010_13204820151010_13174720151010_13171420151010_13374320151010_13353520151010_13360120151010_13160820151010_134814This is the closet thing i have had to bajan cassava pone in years.

Life is what you maket it! I plan to make the most of mine! Cheers😙

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