People who made simple gestures that made an island girl feel at home

Wow just 2 semesters left!!💃

And what a ride this has been. I just think of when i started and how much i have learnt and grown since then.

Some Australians have become somewhat of an extended family; people who have made the path feel alot less lonely. ☺

As i now pursue a new job, internships and try to pave my way in the marketing and advertising industry I wanted to take the time to say thank you.


To my Caphs family. Oh how i thank you all for putting up with my tears throughout lost and struggle. To the Notoras family for making sure i could pay my rent and for being supportive by giving me shifts even though on many days i was not 100%. To the staff, you guys have been awesome. No words can explain what your friendships have come to mean to me.

To the customers, i apologise if at times i was not wearing the smile that is expected of a customer service representative. And those customers who have given hugs when needed and kind words of encouragement.  Thank you, Deb, Rob, Mr and Mrs Lucas, Linda,  Rick, Tony, Mr and Mrs Edwards…..the list goes on.

To Denise, Neil and Staurt Osborne thank you. Thank you for being a weekend get away. For teaching me about horses, an interest i now love. Thank you for being a constant warmth that helped to make Canberra feel like home. It was just the open-air therapy i needed.20150816_104430

Louise i left you for last. Thank you for your calls, lunch dates, words of encouragement. Louise thank you for listening and your friendship. 😙 You really helped me pull through some low times. I truly feel blessed to have met you.


It can be hard to relocate so far away from your family, friends and culture. You must have determination but you need good people around you. And i am very lucky to have found some of the best!☺

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