5th June Goodbyes to Gran

A night or so ago i woke from my sleep unable to breath and feeling like i needed to be in barbados. I couldnt get back to sleep but i pushed it to the back of my mind thinking it was stress or homesickness.

Now i know what it was. It was my grangran saying goodbye.

If not for her taking me under her wing, feeding, protecting me and taking me to school everyday. Boy i dont know. Although she couldnt read or write, she demanded i do my homework everyday.  She is partly why i am the individual i am today.

With my commitment to finish what i started here i have sacrificed physical contact with my family. And i am heartbroken i cant be there now she has passed. Or even to have seen her before she did.

Her encouragement and pride has kept me strong through the years and her calling me her favourite did so much for my confidence.

For those who dont know my dad is my stepdad and my biological father left my 17 year old mother and his ofspring disowned.

My gran made sure everyday i knew i was no less than anyone else. I was capable of  and deserve the best. I was better off.

Thank you Florence Waithe. You did good.

So i send my condolences to my mom, her siblings and all my extended family.

RIP grangran Mom 20150606_172238

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